What do they get?

We've spent the last decade helping hundreds of amazing companies grow. Here's what we'll do for the winner.


Re-designs don't do much if a business struggles with operations, management, or cashflow. We'll help identify and fix any core issues first.


Great branding, design, and positioning elevate a company. We'll tweak or overhaul the brand as needed to give it a consistent look, feel, and voice.


We'll build a beautiful, functional, mobile friendly, and easy to maintain website. We’ll pour on some strategy too. The point is profit, right?


Once the business engine, brand, and website are all in sync, we’ll discuss getting the word out. We'll help design a plan for continued growth.

How does it work?

Yes, we're giving away thousands of dollars worth of work for free. You'd better believe there's a process. Here's how it'll go down.

  1. Nominate

    Nominate a brand or company you love that needs some help. Maybe they just need one part of the package. That’s ok!

  2. Narrow

    When the nomination window closes, we’ll narrow the results down based on interest, product quality, timeline, etc...

  3. Interview

    Once we’ve narrowed down to the final 3, we’ll do video interviews with each and choose a winner!

  4. Get Involved

    Follow each step of the process as we document the work. Stay involved, comment and share the progress.

Who's Behind this?

Jon Longnecker

Jonathan Longnecker

Austin Church

Austin Church


In addition to Jonathan & Austin, these companies have generously offered their products as part of the give away.


your favorite small, worthwhile or underdog brand to win a complete business tune-up


Get entered to win one of three consulting sessions valued at $1,000!

Registration closes October 7, 2016